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7 Videos Of Wild Orcas That Are Way Better Than A Show At SeaWorld


As pressure on the captive orca programs at SeaWorld and other marine parks continues to grow, many animal advocates have turned to examine the lives of wild orcas as a comparison to those in tanks. And lucky for them, those lives are nothing short of spectacular -- and can be seen from any laptop with wifi access. It's the perfect way to appreciate the beauty of orcas -- without harming them in the process.

Here are 7 stunning videos of wild orcas:

1. Up close and (extremely) personal with New Zealand's orcas.

2. Just like dolphins, orcas love to play in the wakes of boats.

3. A family of orcas -- some related to SeaWorld's own whales -- frolics off the coast of Washington.

4. Wild orca jumps are far better than those in tanks.

5. ...WAY better.

6. Even a little jump is impressive.

7. And from a drone, the view only gets better.

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