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7 Incredible Ways Service Dogs Save Humans

Service dogs are known for their unique abilities such as guiding blind people, providing therapy and detecting seizures. These assistance dogs are best friends of disables as they have all sorts of talents that can completely transform lives of these people. In addition to this, these dogs help in several other tasks such as detecting trace amounts of nuts in food for those with allergies and even possibly sniffing out cancer. Here are some unexpected and unique jobs of service dogs.

1. Hearing dogs

The hearing dogs are trained to alert their hearing disabled and completely deaf owners to important sounds, like doorbells, fire alarms, alarm clocks, and even the cries of a baby, which they otherwise would be unable to hear. Hearing dogs may be trained professionally for about three months; though for any special task, many hearing dogs are also trained for a year.

2. Autism service dogs

The autism service dogs are the friend of child with autism. These dogs can transform the lives of children suffering from autism as well as their families. From providing emotional support, to preventing an autistic child from meandering off, an autism service dog can make a huge difference in the lives of autistic kids.

3. Severe allergy alert dogs

The allergy alert dogs have a profound impact on the lives of adults and children throughout the world. These dogs are trained to detect trace amounts of certain allergens and they also alert their owners to the presence of any allergens.

4. Weather therapy dogs

The weather channel therapy dogs work with people and towns devastated by major natural disasters. Butler, a 35-pound, 1.5 year old male shepherd mix dog, is a weather therapy dog who was rescued from the Humane Society in Charlotte.

5. Brace/mobility support dogs

The brace/mobility support dogs not only allow owners to lead more normal, mobile lives, but they can also open doors, dial phones, call elevators, turn on and off lights, and many more.

6. Psychiatric service dogs

The psychiatric service dogs provide a wide array of services for those people who are suffering from mental illness. Often, these dogs are integral in changing the lives of people such as returned veterans and others with psychiatric disabilities.

7. Medical alert dogs

The medical alert dogs use their amazing sense of smell to detect when something is wrong with their owner. They are able to alert their owners to oncoming seizures. These dogs are also helpful in lowering blood sugar levels in those with diabetes and detecting cancer.