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7 Clever Animal Bandits Who Outsmarted Humans By Stealing GoPros

<p>YouTube: Mochilao. TV</p>

1. Fox wants a snack.
This curious fox came across a GoPro and pounced, deciding that it should be her new chew toy.

(YouTube: TheOpenLens)

2. Monkey goes for a selfie.
This monkey snagged a camera from the Uluwatu Temple in Bali and proceeded to take some selfies!

(YouTube: Mochilao. TV)

3. Crab says "finders, keepers!"
It takes a moment for this crab to realize that there's a camera next to him ...

... but once he does, he decides he's going to keep it for himself!

(YouTube: Diederick Ryan)

4. Lion wants camera all to herself.
This Namibian lioness trotted away with a camera which was being used to document a conservation feeding.

(YouTube: SafariTVProductions)

5. Hyena gets nosy.
A curious hyena grabbed a GoPro out of a tree to give it a closer inspection.

(YouTube: The Lion Whisperer)

6. Jaguar cuddlefest.
This jaguar became enamored with a GoPro and decided to cuddle with it a bit before carrying it around like a prize.

(YouTube: Barcroft TV)

7. Eagle gets a closer look.
While feeding on salmon heads in Craig, Alaska, an eagle swooped down and grabbed a camera and took it back to his nest ...

... and became extremely perplexed by this unusual contraption! He later dropped the camera to the ground, deciding that it wasn't so interesting after all.

(YouTube: Mason Colby)