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7 Animals Who Are Pumped About Pumpkins

<p>YouTube: WildlifeHeritage</p>

It turns out that pumpkins can be a fun source of enrichment for many animals, acting as both a treat and a toy. While the jack-o-lantern sitting on your porch should not be fed to your beloved pet (after a few days outdoors, the carved pumpkin starts to collect bacteria), a bit of unsweetened canned pumpkin can be a tasty and healthy treat for your dog or cat.

Here are a few members of the animal kingdom who love this iconic orange gourd.

1. The elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee discover that smooshing their pumpkin makes for a much more accessible snack.

(YouTube: elephantsanctuarytn)

2. Running Bear the bobcat, at Big Cat Rescue, turns his miniature pumpkin into an all-natural chew toy.

(YouTube: Big Cat Rescue)

3. Maya the corgi's main priority is intimidating the heck outta this sneaky pumpkin. Better not try any funny stuff, Mr. Punkin.

(YouTube: Pyrenean Mastiff)

4. Piggies Monica and Mohawk, at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, enjoy a seasonal pumpkin feast during the fall months - and get pretty enthusiastic about the special meal.

(YouTube: Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary)

5. This siberian tiger at Big Cat Rescue is giddy to show off her new pumpkin ball.

(YouTube: Big Cat Rescue)

6. Teddy the rescue porcupine selects the very best mini-pumpkin to treat himself to an afternoon snack.

(YouTube: Zooniversity1)

7. Rescued black cat Cole prefers to use his pumpkin as a fortress of solitude - no humans allowed!

(YouTube: Cole and Marmalade)