64 (And Counting!) Conservationists You Should Be Following On Twitter Right Now


These days, social media is more important than ever for conservationists who are looking to get their message across and spread awareness for the problems that plague species. And some of them use it incredibly well, yielding massive clout and instantly informing the public about their challenges -- and their victories.

We've compiled some of the best conservationists (individuals, not organizations) and other conservation-minded people who use social media to advance their or others' research -- with the ultimate goal of saving the world's species. While there is some debate about exactly who qualifies as a "conservationist" in the strict sense of the word, for the purposes of this Twitter list we included scientists who work on conservation problems, communications managers who advocate for conservation, and outspoken supporters who spread the message of conversation around the globe.

(Note: we're bound to have left some out -- tweet @melissa_cronin with suggestions, and we'll add them to the list.)

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UPDATE: We've received an outpouring of other inspiring conservation tweeters, and have added them to this growing list!

1. Paula Kahumbu, CEO of Wildlife Direct

2. David Shepherd, wildlife artist and conservationist

3. John E. Scanlon, Secretary-General at CITES

4. Alex Hofford, photojournalist

5. Will Travers, Founder of the Born Free Foundation

6. Chris Packham, naturalist and BBC broadcaster

7. Mark Avery, environmental expert and conservationist

8. Braam Malherbe, conservationist and TV presenter

9. Jeffrey Ventre, former SeaWorld trainer and orca expert

10. Chris Parsons, marine mammal scientists and conservationist

11. David Shiffman, marine scientist

12. Craig McClain, marine biologist and editor-in-chief, Deep Sea News

13. Richard Fox, butterfly conservationist

14. Andrew David Thaler, marine scientist and conservationist

15. Simon King, nature broadcaster

16. Simon Reeve, broadcaster

17. Carly Ziter, conservationist

18. Stephanie Shuttler, conservation scientist

19. Chris Morgan, ecologist and conservationist

20. Brendan Godley, conservation scientist

21. Jeff Friedman, orca conservationist

22. Karl Vernes, wildlife biologist and conservationist

23. Ingrid Visser, orca and marine mammal expert

24. Phil Torres, conservation biologist

25. John R. Platt, journalist covering endangered species

26. Annie Anderson, shark conservationist

27. Fabien Cousteau, ocean advocate and explorer

28. Ric O'Barry, marine mammal conservationist and star of the documentary The Cove

29. Sam Simon, The Simpsons creator, conservationist and activist

30. Adam Welz, conservationist and writer

31. Mark Gately, Wildlife Conservation Society

32. Bill Sutherland, founder, ConservationEvidence.com

33. Corey Bradshaw, conservationist and professor

34. Andrew Whitworth, conservation biologist

35. Sylvia Earle, oceanographer

36. Hugh Possingham, professor of conservation research

37. Emily Darling, conservationist

38. Paul Watson, Capt. of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

39. M. Sanjayan, senior scientist at Conservation International

40. Simon Pierce, marine biologist

41. Nicholas Dulvy, fisheries scientist

42. Paul Greenberg, fisheries and aquaculture expert

43. Trevor Branch, fisheries scientist

44. Kristofer Helgen, conservationist

45. Alisa Schwartz, marine conservationist

46. Nicolas Gonzalez, conservationist at the Audubon Society

47. Sandy McElhaney, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

48. Kate Redman, marine mammologist

49. Erin Eastwood, marine conservationist

50. Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, marine scientist and conservationist

51. David Steen, wildlife ecologist

52. Elissa Sursara, wildlife expert and journalist

53. Brian Gratwicke, conservation biologist

54. Damian Aspinall, conservationist

55. Chris Bird, shark ecologist and conservationist

56. Joel Berger, Senior scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society

57. Asher Jay, conservationist and artist

58. Bruce Cantrell, researcher, diver and conservation

59. Carl Safina, professor and TV host

60. Kimberly Ventre, orca advocate and conservationist

61. Erin Ashe, marine conservation biologist

62. Laurens de Groot, conservationist

63. Erich Hoyt, whale researcher and conservationist

64. Shawn Heinrichs, photographer and marine conservationist

65. Jason G. Goldman, conservation and science writer

66. Elena Bennett, ecosystem ecologist

67. Isabelle M. Côté, marine ecologist

68. Mike Cranfield, gorilla conservationist

69. Ayana Elizabeth, marine biologist

70. Julia Baum, marine biologist

71. Lesley Rochat, shark conservationist

72. Angie Gullan, dolphin conservationist

73. Chris Mercer, African wildlife conservationist

73. Joyce Poole, elephant conservationist

74. Raabia Hawa, wildlife conservationist

75. Malcolm M. Campbell, biologist and writer

76. Karen Trendler, conservationist and rhino rescuer

77. Çağan Şekercioğlu, conservationist and ecologist

78. Catherine Potvin, conservationist

79. Bill Cronon, environmental historian

80. Dawn Wright, marine scientist

81. Katie Hinde, evolutionary biologist

82. Andrew Wright, marine mammal scientist and conservationist

83. Carol Ray, conservationist and activist

84. Scott Roberton, conservationist

85. Emma Stokes, conservationist

86. Stacy Jupiter, marine scientist

87. Cristian Samper, Wildlife Conservation Society

88. Sue Lieberman, conservationist

89. Diane Neff, ocean advocate

90. Ian Somerhalder, actor, conservationist and activist

91. Brett Soberg, sustainability and conservation tweeter