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6 Heroic Animal Mothers Who Save Their Babies From Predators


It's no secret that there are some pretty amazing mothers who will go to the ends of the Earth for their babies. This post has some of the best ones -- including octopus moms, who literally sacrifice their lives for their little ones.

Some tenacious animal moms have to defend their own from predators -- and do so in spectacular ways. Here are some of the best ones:

1. A giraffe mom protects her calf from a pack of hungry lions by flinging her long legs out in front of her, scaring them away.


2. When a baby buffalo was caught wandering around alone near a lioness, mom came in to save the day -- not a moment too soon.


3. After spotting a crocodile eyeing one of their calves, a herd of motherly elephants immediately encircled the calf to protect her, standing that way for minutes on end.

When the coast was finally clear, the females escorted the calf to the shore -- the biggest bodyguards in the world.


4. Humans were the danger in this case -- well cars, at least. In a stunning rescue, a momma bear plucked her cub out of harm's way in one fell swoop on the side of a highway in Canada.


5. When a herd of wildebeest was set upon by a pack of hyenas, one mom refused to let her baby fall victim -- even as they bit her baby, she kept defending the calf.

And -- success! -- the hyenas soon tired, and mom and calf ran off to see another day.


6. Though the zebra was probably just curious about this baby honey badger, mom still intervened to keep her cub safe -- and stood up to an animal that was way bigger than twice her size to do it.