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9 Animals Who Are Not Actually Vladimir Putin

<p>Amanda Petrusich</p>

Russian President Vladimir Putin may look remarkably similar to a "Harry Potter" elf, but it turns out he also resembles a lot of animals:

This Australian cattle dog cuddles almost as closely as Putin.

(Photo: IBTimes/Wikimedia)

His twins range from the proboscis monkey, native to Borneo ...

(Credit: Kremlin/WikiCommons)

... to domestic doppelgängers ...

(Credit: Kremlin.ru/obozrezatel.com)

... who like to go swimming.

(Credit: Flickr/Flickr)

There's even a Brooklyn cat named Carl whose owner, author Amanda Petrusich says, is "beginning to resemble Vladimir Putin." (Credit: Amanda Petrusich)

Carl's not the only cat look-alike ... there are these winks ...

(Credit: Wikimedia/Flickr)

... and nods. (Are we assertive or assertively sitting?)

(Credit: Wikimedia/Wikimedia)

Then there was the blue-steel moment, topped only by ...

(Credit: Wikimedia/Flickr)

... deep staring contests with birds.

(Photo: Kremlin/Flickr)

[h/t Amanda Pertrusich!]

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