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$5000 reward tips on dog fighting

<p> HSUS Anti Dog fighting campaign flyer </p>

The Humane Society of The United States is offering rewards to leads that lead to the arrest and conviction of illegal dog fighters. It is a crime in every state and costs the federal government as well as local municipalities millions of dollars that could be spent saving others animals in need. Dog fighting is a barbaric blood sport with no place in our society. If you think it only effects pit bulls, you are wrong. Dogs are regularly stolen or adopted out of shelters as "bait dogs". Their mouths taped, teeth pulled out, physically restrained so they can "train" the fighters to want blood. Some of these dogs endure this for months, the lucky ones die quickly. The next bait dog could be yours, mine, or the next sweet dog looking for a home from the streets or a shelter. Please, report any suspected dog fighting to the HSUS tip line and save our dogs and communities. Join in posting this downloadable flyer from HSUS anti-dog fighting site on Craig's List in your city or town. I did, and had responses the same night. If we can curtail dog fighting we can curtail the number of dogs abused and in our shelters. Post please!