5 Things Your Hamster Wants You To Know About What It's Like To Be A Hamster


Humans seem to overlook our most basic needs -- let me help you out!

1. My Cage Is Too Small.

I know your kids love the well-marketed plastic cages that are colorful and laced with crazy tubes, but that's not what I'm really looking for. I need space. Seriously, minimum, I need at least 360 square inches of floor space in my cage. Otherwise I won't have enough room to run and play, explore my toys, and burrow underneath all my bedding! (Yes, hamsters like bedding, high thread count, please.)

Typical hamster cages are not going to do, but your countless trips to Ikea were not in vain. Ikea furniture = my dream home.

Check out this Detolf Cabinet:

Another option: A 20 Gallon Tank Or Larger:

2. My food isn't healthy!

Like humans, I also need to have a balanced diet, especially if I am a hamster species that is prone to diabetes like the Chinese, Campbell's Dwarf and Winter White hamsters. You should know some important information before feeding me certain human or small animal foods.

3. I Like To Play. WITH Toys.

Many of you humans think you can just get me a wheel and call it a day. Hate to break it to you, but would you want your only activity in life to be running in circles? Ya, no. I need toys! Chew toys are especially important because my teeth are always growing so I need to wear them down by chewing.

4. Look, I'm a hamster so I can't go to the chiropractor, but that wheel is hurting my back.

We need exercise wheels to expend some of our energy and stay healthy. Most pet stores use mesh and metal bar wheels for us because those are the cheapest. But they're also the most dangerous wheels because we can get "Bumble Foot," an extremely painful condition in which our paws become raw and infected. If a wheel is too small for me, I will have to arch my back when I run and this is really harmful to my spine. Safe wheels only, please:

5. Hamsters get lonely too. Any chance you can play with me?

Just like other pets, I need playtime out of my cage too. Everyday, please take me out so that I can run around and get to know you! Bath tubs make easy and safe play pens for me! Plus I love attention-- tend to be a bit of a hambone!