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5 Hedgehogs Reacting Adorably To Getting Tickled

For such spiky little critters, hedgehogs can be pretty cute. This is no more evident than when they're being tickled. Here's the evidence:

Just look at this guy:

This behavior is called "uncurling" -- a nervous hedgehog will be curled up in a tight ball. A hedgehog enjoying a good scratch will uncurl.


Some hedgehogs will uncurl immediately, ready for a massage.


A relaxed hedgehog will allow you to pet him without curling up to hide his face.


Just try not to melt ... we dare you.


It's worth noting that hedgehogs are illegal in some states, because they are nonnative species and can escape and reproduce quickly, pushing out native species. Check this list to see if they are illegal in your state -- if so, you can just appreciate them by watching these GIFs.

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