5 Crafty Primates That Figured Out How To Use Tools

Upon hearing of Jane Goodall's discovery of chimpanzee tools in 1960, paleontologist Louis Leakey famously remarked: "Now we must redefine tool, redefine Man, or accept chimpanzees as humans." Check out these 5 ways that apes and monkeys have adopted sticks, stones and bottlecaps in clever ways:

1. A chimpanzee mops up water with a spongy leaf for a wet snack.


2. Even the toughest of nuts cracks under the might of this rock-wielding capuchin.


3. With the help of a long twig, this chimp goes fishing for termites.

4. A spider monkey fills up her bottlecap to take a dainty sip of water.


5. This gorilla might not speak softly, but he swings a big stick.