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4 Endearingly Cute Backyard Animal Videos

You'd be surprised to discover what fun animal antics you can see from the comfort of your windowsill or backyard. And everyone else wants to see it too, so remember to share! These are just a handful of the cutest.

1. Home footage of a wily squirrel that finds a way to reach the well-protected bird feeder

YouTube: Ron Kukuk


YouTube: Janice Lech

3. When you're a bunny, staying cool means playing in the dirt, which is also why wild animals in general are the best

YouTube: Amber Aiken

4. While the oriole steals the hummingbirds' lunch, this cat is making lunch plans of its own

YouTube: Duane Brewer If you have any fun, adorable or heart-warming animal videos, whether it's birds, pets, farm animals or just strange wilderness friends, submit them to The Outdoor Animal Video Contest from Birds and Blooms and Country magazines, for a chance to win $1,000.

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