29 Before And After Photos Show What Love Does To Dogs

"Charlie wasn't eating or responding. He's in wonderful hands now and is most importantly, smiling!"

"What a difference a year makes!"

"Found him on the street, malnourished and scared, now he's my bestie."

"I think Leela likes her new backyard better than the Humane Society."

"Before/After we adopted our pittie Tyson!"

"Two months after we adopted her, she's can't stop grinning."

"It's been 2 years since we found Griffin at the shelter. He only had a few days left before being euthanized ... He's come a long way since we got him."

"before and after of my rescue, sweet pea! ... it's amazing how much a good home and some loving will do"

"Jano, Argentinian Street Dog"

"This is Liza T. Bear. I adopted her from local rescue org ... She's the best friend a girl could have."

"Before and after adoption. There was a happy, lovable dog hidden behind all that fear."

"When we adopted Dexter, he was 19 pounds, bone thin, and so timid that he didn't like to play or anything ... He's now a very healthy 65 pounds, and just finished his first off-leash adventure, a 5 mile hike."

"My dog before and after we adopted her."

"every day is a new day for her, and when she comes out of her crate in the mornings she just runs around and jumps because she is so happy to still be at our house ... she has changed my life completely."

"Before and after being adopted"

"Uncle rescues pitbull from back alley ... you would have no idea what he's been through."

"We found him near our office huddled in the cold bushes. He is very healthy and happy now."

"Sadie's before & After!"

"Meet coconut. What a difference three months can make."

"It's crazy what a few months and a lot of love can do for an abandoned puppy!"

"From Heartworm, lost babies, and frostbite. Meet Shelby."

"Sunshine, another great "before and after".

"Lily was forced to fight and lost an ear. Six days into her rescue and she has stolen our hearts."

"My dog marshmallow before and after I adopted him."

"Her kennel card listed "erect ears" under her defining features. I thought it was a mistake until we got home."

"My cute beagle Piper on the day we adopted her from PAWS Chicago and then again a few months after, living her best life"

"My adopted chihuahua mix. Photo on the NC shelter's website vs. a few months later at home!"

"3 months before and after. They hardly look like the same critters!"

"Not quite sure what to make of us..."

"OK he loves us!"

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