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Hunters Just Killed 27 More Bears In New Jersey

You can help stop this horrific hunt.

Even though over 500 black bears were already killed in New Jersey in October, hunters were hungry for more. On Monday, 27 more bears were killed.

This means that 589 bears have been killed so far this year in New Jersey, which comes close to beating the record set in 2010, when the hunt reopened and 592 bears were killed.

The second segment of the newly extended bear hunting season started on Monday. The first segment, which took place in October, was the first time in decades the "bear harvest" allowed archery.

Among the dead bears from the first segment of the hunt was Pedals, the internet-famous bipedal bear who was spotted walking on two legs after an old injury to one of his front paws.

Now hunters are taking firearms into the woods of New Jersey to kill the bears. They are permitted to shoot male or female bears, regardless of whether cubs are nearby.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) claims that the extended hunt "will help achieve [the] goal of healthy and sustainable bear population and reduce potential for encounters with people."

But black bears almost never attack people - you're far more likely to get struck by lightning. "Most negative black bear encounters are caused by surprising the bears or giving them a reason to think you are a threat," Born Free USA said.

Luckily, New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak is trying to get a bill passed in the state senate that would put an end to these cruel hunts. After Pedals died, Senator Lesniak renamed the bill "Pedals' Law" in memory of the bear.

You can show your support for Pedals' Law here.