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Dying Man's Dogs Left To Fend For Themselves In Abandoned Building

Skin and bones and with no one left in the world.

Those are the conditions in which rescuers found 21 dogs in an abandoned old country story in Tennessee.

Late in the night on January 8, rescuers entered a derelict old country store in Lafayette. What they found was shocking.

Trash and furniture were strewn among at least a month's worth of feces and urine produced by the dogs left totally stranded there. Rescuers donned masks to wade through the filth.

The old man who had been living there had reportedly entered hospice care.

The dogs abandoned in the ruins of the man's life were only discovered when his landlord came by to evict him for not paying rent.

Rescuers scoured through the garbage to bring each emaciated animal to safety.

"This is our fifth operation in Tennessee in the past three days, three of which have been abandonment cases with at least 19 dogs in counties that have limited resources for animals," said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. "This is why we started ARC five years ago this coming Monday - to provide expert humane rescue services to communities and animals who desperately need help. After speaking with Macon County's animal control officer and seeing pictures of these dogs trapped in this horrible place, we quickly finished our fourth operation and rushed straight to the fifth."

The rescue just before this one helped a man living in the woods for sixteen years with 31 dogs. ARC has rescued over 140 animals in just a few days.

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