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2 Rescue Dogs Nurse A Tiny Kitten Born Under The Hood Of A Car

Kit the kitten is a fighter if there ever were one. The nine-week-old black and white cat has been on a perilous journey since the beginning of his life, quite literally: he was born beneath the hood of a car while it was driving down the highway and was only discovered after it stopped 60 miles away. Things weren't looking good for the little kitten or the rest of his litter, until kind passerby Chantelle McLaren-Smith spotted one of his brothers lying on the sidewalk.

"One of the kittens fell out as we walked past the van and we then heard meow-ing from inside the engine," McLaren-Smith said, according to Metro UK. "We opened the bonnet and to our surprise and shock saw them all sitting there -- the driver had no idea they were there. Unfortunately, mum cat took fright and ran away -- and I never found her again despite much searching. The babies she left were freezing, barely breathing and so tiny, apparently just a day or so old."

Unfortunately, none of Kit's brothers or sisters managed to survive, but Kit started a stoic recovery as soon as McLaren-Smith got him to a nearby RSPCA. There, the kitten was tended to by a pair of rescue dogs, Chilli and Rodney. The Jack Russell terrier and bulldog mix took to Kit immediately, and the three have become the best of friends.

Photos: SWNS via Metro.