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2-Legged Puppy Takes First Steps Thanks To His Special New Skis

"We rolled a ball across the room and he actually went to go get it!"

Cupid, a puppy born with just two legs, has already overcome more challenges in his young life than any dog should ever have to face. But now, thanks to the dedication of his rescuers — and his new set of special training skis — his future is looking brighter than ever.

And to see Cupid now, you might never guess how his journey began.

Last month, Cupid was discovered inside a garbage bag, tossed out like trash behind a building in Toronto, Canada. He was lucky to be placed under the care of the Dog Rescuers Inc., a volunteer organization dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming needy pups.

Considering the circumstances, Cupid was found to be in good health, though there was another issue to contend with: He'd been born without front legs. Most importantly, despite his past and that disability, Cupid's spirit was strong.

"This little guy is an absolute love with the most adorable personality and a heart-shaped nose," his rescuers wrote on Facebook, adding: "Cupid is in one of our foster homes, and has already stolen their hearts, and having a blast being a puppy."

In order to give Cupid the best chance at happiness, his new friends wanted to help him be able to get around on his own. So, Dog Rescuers Inc. teamed up with a Canadian pet prosthetic manufacturer, PawsAbility, to fit him with custom legs. But they didn't stop there.

To help Cupid build the muscle strength and balance required for walking, he's started on the learning process attached to a special set of prosthetic skis — essentially "training wheels" for a wobbly pup.

Canada's Global News recently caught up with Cupid to capture this video of his first steps.

Seeing the puppy, who'd been cruelly discarded just a few weeks earlier, getting a fresh start at a joy-filled life was an emotional moment for all involved, wrote his rescuers:

"We were ecstatic — and the entire room got teary eyed — when we rolled a ball across the room and he actually went to go get it!!"

With any luck, Cupid will continue to grow stronger and more capable at walking in the weeks to come, until he no longer needs the aid of his skis. And, when the time comes, he'll be ready to take the biggest, most important step of all — being adopted into a loving forever home.

To learn more about Cupid, and to find out how you can help support rescues like his, visit Dog Rescuers Inc.