Saving Izzy, a 2-Legged Baby Goat

Suddenly and quite unintentionally, my life became entwined with saving a newborn baby goat who was born on a meat ranch. Izzy, named for "Is-he going to live? Is-he going to walk?" was born with muscle paralysis in his back legs, which he eventually lost completely to frostbite. He was born early, in January, on a night when the temperatures dropped to -25 degrees F. That first night of life, he sustained mild frostbite, and was going to be put down due to his paralysis. I worked with his owners to rehabilitate his muscles, only to succeed and then have him taken down by a second, serious case of frostbite (once you get frostbite, you are more susceptible a second time.) Izzy again was going to be put down because the frostbite was a solid freeze in his legs, and instead, I was able to offer assistance and adopt him. Now, he is a 2-legged goat, (or 2.5.5 as I endearingly refer to him since he lost half of each back leg). We bottle feed, go for walks, play with puppies, and enjoy life as best we can until he is big enough for real prosthetics!
Enjoy- thank you for watching, and for sharing his story! Follow Izzy on Instagram! Izhe_Izzy

Izzy and mama Piper cuddle on the couch
Izzy in his PJ's before he lost his legs; I were trying to keep him warm to help stimulate circulation to his disabled back legs.