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2 Carriage Horse Accidents In 24 Hours: Horses And Passengers In Danger

New York isn't the only city dealing with a horse carriage problem. Two disturbing horse carriage accidents occurred in the U.S. in just the past 24 hours, adding more fodder to the argument against the controversial industry.

First, a Savannah, Ga. carriage horse carrying five passengers -- three of them children -- went berserk when it was spooked, running for six blocks and injuring his driver. The horse struck vehicles, spilled its passengers, and took off down the street Monday afternoon.

Then, a pair of horses pulling a carriage in Santa Barbara, Calif. spooked and bolted on Tuesday afternoon, flipping the carriage and injuring two people. It's not clear what spooked the horses, but the two passengers were ejected from the carriage when it rolled over.

Allie Feldman, executive director of the animal welfare group that supports New York City's ban on carriage horses, told The Dodo:

Can you imagine how tragic these accidents would have been had they happened in dangerous midtown Manhattan traffic among 8 million people plus taxis and double-decker buses? Thankfully, Mayor de Blasio strongly supports ending this unsafe, inhumane practice. And there's a win-win solution for carriage drivers, horses, tourists and the people of NYC: the eco-friendly, electric Horseless Carriage. It's an antique replica car that will provide excellent jobs for the current drivers. And we're offering adoption to every single horse who needs a loving home.

You can sign a petition to end horse carriages here.

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