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17 Pets Who Just Wanna Hold Your Hand

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1. "This is Arlo, he will only stay calm in the car if I hold his paw."

2. "Here's Coco. The cat who can not go to sleep easily unless I gingerly hold his paw."

3. "My cat gets lonely when I go to the bathroom and sticks his paw under the door until I hold it."

4. "My polydactyl cat. Due to having his paws handled frequently by curious visitors he now sees it as a comfort thing and often 'holds hands' while sleeping."

5. "She seriously won't let me work on anything because she wants me to hold her paw. What an adorable weirdo!"

6. "Hold my paw and make me feel better."

7. "My brother's husky likes to hold hands."

8. "Sometimes, he would hold my hand, just to make sure I was still there."

9. "Meet Princess Peach. She's a shy but spoiled kitty who sleeps in only king-sized beds and holds my hand until she falls asleep."

10. "He likes to hold hands."

11. "My cat and I hold hands when I eat breakfast."

12. "This is LV. After coming home from the shelter, he didn't leave his room for 4 months. Now he likes to hold our hands on the couch."

13. "When your girl makes you hold hands while driving."

14. "Does anyone else's dog just like to hold your hand like this?"

15. "This is Oppenheimer, he likes to hold hands."

16. "He likes to hold my hand when I'm sick."

17. "How we hold hands until she falls asleep - just gotta watch out for the pokey parts."