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16-Year-Old Dog Dumped At Shelter Because No One Had Time For Him

When Victoria Carmean was asked to be the director of the Humane Society of Crawford County, Ohio, she knew "there would be time [her] faith and patience would be tested," she wrote last week on Facebook.

Thursday was one of those patience-testing days, after a dog was dropped off at the shelter. The collie, now known as Jake, is 16 years old.

"[Jake] was surrendered because no one had time for him. After 16 years of being a loyal companion, guardian of children, confidant and protector he was discarded. We gave him the quietest kennel we could find as he looked around in fear and confusion," Carmean wrote. "He didn't question or fight ... he followed me with trust and dignity and the wisdom that comes with old dogs. We settled him in and started calling our friends in various rescues."

It was all hands on deck at the Crawford County Humane Society when Jake came in. "Our fear was that, at 16 years old and with some health issues, unfortunately, he would have nowhere in the world to go," Carmean told The Dodo.

Within just two hours, though, the staff at the Crawford County Humane Society had secured a home for Jake. Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio committed to giving Jake a home for the rest of his life in its senior dog program so he could spend time other dogs like him.

"The two ladies who came to transport him shed tears over his precious old face and beautiful soul. We all hugged knowing this would be one of the lucky ones. This beautiful dog will have the best possible final years," Carmean wrote on Facebook.

Jake seemed thrilled when the ladies from the rescue organization arrived to take him home. "He leaned into the ladies for affection. He never questioned," Carmean said. "It's that trust and that wisdom that those old dogs have, they just trust you."

On Facebook, Carmean wrote some strong words about why this work means the world to her, and people on Facebook shared it - over 21,000 times.

"We are told 'I could never work THERE I don't know how you do it,'" she wrote at the end of her post, "but we wouldn't work anywhere else!! We work here because people can be cruel and irresponsible and we want only to help those who haven't a voice of their own. We work here because we know we make a difference one cute fuzzy face at a time. We work here for the puppy kisses, the soft kitty pats, and the the blessing of finding pets a new home where they will live in peace."

Learn how you can sponsor Jake in his new life here.

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