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15 Dogs Who Don't Want Spring Break To End

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1. "Back up ... back up ... I'm going to do a cannonball!"

2. "Yup, ready for Cabo."

3. "Hey can you stick a little paper umbrella in my water bowl? Thanks."

4. "I think it's time to rub a bit more sunscreen on my nose."

5. "Come on in, the water's fine!"

6. "I'm totally going to make this my new profile picture."

7. "Can you tell I'm actually napping right now?"

8. "Spring Break!! Woooo!"

9. "I AM upward facing dog."

10. "This trip is totally bringing us all closer as friends. Except you, Kimmy, we're going to chase you."

11. "This is my new happy place."

12. "No one told me the ocean was wet."

13. "Check it out ... I can make bubbles."

14. "Okay, today's itinerary is belly rubs on the beach, followed by naps and snacks back at the hotel. Go."

15. "Vacation may be over, but luau night is forever."