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14-Year-Old Dog Abandoned By Family Begins Her New Life

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Dessie is a collie, golden retriever mix who was born 14 years ago. Last weekend, her life almost ended before it began anew. Her previous owner dumped her at Miami-Dade County Animal Services (MDCAS) on Sunday, and being an older dog, Dessi's chances of getting adopted were slim.

Here's Dessie just after she was dropped off at the shelter. How could anyone leave her?

If they're not quickly rescued, dogs at Dessie's age are often moved to the front of the line for euthanasia. Luckily for Dessie, she had a friend looking out for her.

Lyndsey Gurowitz Furman, vice president of rescue group A Way for a Stray, first read about Dessie in this article The Examiner posted on Monday. An email blast from MDCAS requested help, and Lyndsey took action.

Lyndsey matched Dessie with a temporary foster home, and the next day she picked up the sweet dog at the shelter.

Dessie enjoyed her ride to freedom ... with one quick stop at the vet.

Dessie looked happier than most dogs to get a check-up.

Other than an ear infection and deafness, Dessie's in good shape. She has the skin and teeth problems which come along with being 14, but overall she's a healthy dog with great "heart, bones [and] internal."

Dessie has a place to live temporarily. She's enjoying her stay with her new foster parent, who has reported that Dessie loves to swim in the backyard pool.

Dessie's looking healthy and happy at her foster home.

In an interview with The Dodo, Lyndsey explained that A Way for a Stray (AWFAS) sees many senior dogs in similar scenarios of abandonment. Currently, there are 17 dogs at Miami-Dade Animal Services who are more than 10 years old.

Lyndsey also explained that the reason why Dessie isn't already adopted is because AWFAS has a thorough application process. While many supporters have offered to adopt Dessie, other dogs are also waiting for homes. People who live in the Miami area and are interested in adopting a rescue dog can visit the AWFAS website to learn more.

Lyndsey said that AWFAS may have already found a new home for Dessie, but the group needs to visit the potential homes in order to see if they're a good match.

You can help AWFAS help dogs like Dessie by donating here.