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14 Reasons To Be Stoked For Fall, As Demonstrated By Pets

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1. What better time to go on a date with your favorite ball?

(Reddit: wilkstawilk)

2. Fall is the perfect season for leaf-forts.

(Reddit: WhatAreHax)

3. Speaking of leaves, don't be hesitant to show off your favorite specimen!

(Reddit: DrRoyBasch)

4. Cooler weather = a solid snuggle excuse.

(Reddit: Eat_the_food)

5. Photobomb some leaf piles just because you can.

(Reddit: malunde)

6. Get excited and affectionate for pumpkins!

(Reddit: soupisalwaysrelevant)

7. ... Orrrr not so much.

(Reddit: PenguinOnRye)

8. Posing in a pile of leaves is the height of sophistication.

(Reddit: PinballHelp)

9. The more leaves you can cover yourself with, the better!

(Reddit: CenturionOfTheYard)

10. Be sure to smile, because leaves.

(Reddit: tylertravels)

11. It is important to note that you may eventually be forced to conquer the leaves.

(Reddit: bigmoes)

12. It's okay to study just a little bit ...

(Reddit: hosam37r)

13. ... As long as you always reward yourself with a bit of crisp, fall air!

(Reddit: enlightenedsimba)

14. And, most important of all: make sure to log some serious napping-by-the-fire hours. Even if you are not a cat.

(Reddit: thedoofa7)

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Check out these photos of pets enjoying fall, from you - The Dodo community:

(Photo: Gina)

(Photo: Amanda Boley)

(Photo: Elisabeth)

(Photo: Katherine Winkler)

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