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Men Find 'Sea Monster' Tangled In Fishing Line

He was a 14-pound lobster.

Some people were night fishing off the coast of Bermuda after Hurricane Nicole when they noticed something tangled in a fishing line - but they had no idea it would end up being a "sea monster."

One of the men, Tristan Loescher, swam out to untangle a fishing line from a mooring. "He found this massive lobster hooked in the toe," Sanctuary Marine Bermuda, the boating company, told The Dodo in a Facebook message.

"We brought him to shore to untangle him," they said. Weighing him, they discovered he was 14 pounds. "We decided he was the biggest lobster we had ever seen."

The fishermen couldn't help but snap a few photos of the amazing creature.

The fishermen briefly considered giving the specimen to an aquarium.

"We considered donating him to the Bermuda Aquarium, but decided to let him go," they said.

Considering that lobsters continue to grow while they're alive - and that they can live to be 100 years old, and up to 44 pounds (the current observed record) - this enormous guy still has his whole life ahead of him.

"Tell me this lobster ended up [at] the aquarium for all to see," one commenter wrote on Facebook, after seeing the incredible photos.

"Better," Sanctuary Marine Bermuda wrote, "released back into the ocean."