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13 Ways Black Cats Make Life Amazing

<em><a class="checked-link" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/ibantorras/14657849403/in/photolist-6BzrJ3-oygVJR-cKQMC7-fuLcD-oA2sTb-h3ZBr-9dXYge-kvn2Nr-5AhtLx-8VT6Bu-2ESmpU-okgiXr-ovBj7J-ioGAq9-5Qb1ku-4VfuHW-5NBwYB-8PP7sn-8BeSxd-3DTQzu-5BWTyC-8NYB43-9yBEGA-dyAL8M-92LtWT-a5xrna-bn4cKL-nboaB7-92GCe-3Pg98y-9yBFbw-FixpQ-aNJZ9X-bHkJ7Z-ahjyck-hRY1V7-E7yjE-eEM4LV-dPEb3X-uVcxh-5KiUbe-9ybJMG-63rz7B-amPhRS-dGZk1Z-6jjcQF-9pwhGp-4moahx-kDaTw-7aHeuY">Flickr/Iban Torras</a></em>

Black cats don't always have the best rep - shelters report they have lower adoption rates than animals of any other color. This is totally crazy, of course, since black cats are in fact utterly purrfect specimens of feline-kind. Here are just a few reasons to appreciate them.

1. Like a tuxedo or little black dress, black cats have a timeless sophistication and grace.


2. They take exquisite photographs...

(Flickr/Iban Torras)

3. And they never go out of style.


6. Sailors especially thought black cats brought good fortune on a long sea voyage.


7. Superstitions aside, they're the perfectly logical choice.

(Trek Core/CBS Studios)

8. Black cats will keep watch for you from the shadows.

(Flickr/Jerzy Kociatkiewicz)

9. And instantly blend into your monochrome decor.


10. They have the prowess of a panther...


11. And the ferociousness of a bear.


12. And if you look long enough into their mesmerizing, high-contrast eyes...

(Flickr/Laura D'Allesandro)

13. You just might learn the secrets of the universe.

(freestock.ca/Nicolas Raymond)

In the end, of course... All cats are the best cats. When you're adopting one, choose a cat whose personality fits your lifestyle and who you connect with - not based on a color!