12 Dogs Who Can Think Of A Better Place For Their Bed

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These dogs know it's time for a nap. But where ... ?

1. "I'm goin' places. So's my bed."

(YouTube/Great Gatsby the Corgi)

Gatsby is a visionary designer who prefers a mobile bed. He also enjoys pretending he's a turtle.

(YouTube/Great Gatsby the Corgi)

2. "Obviously, I was inspired by Beyoncé. 'To the left, to the left ... '"

(YouTube/Phil Russell)

This pup just isn't feeling that corner of the living room.

3. "No, just stand there and watch. I'll do it myself."


Koko tests out a few different areas of the kitchen while Kona, ahem, supervises.

4. "I'll take this spot by the fire."

(YouTube/Michael Bukay)

It's time to warm those paws by the fire. This is a good opportunity to stare at the flames and contemplate the infinite intricacies of life.

(YouTube/Michael Bukay)

5. "I'm a serious designer! I belong on 'Pup-erty Brothers'! And I will NOT be defeated by this bed!"

(YouTube/Ken Foreman)

Kiyomi's artistic temperament makes redecorating the kitchen high drama. Someone get this dog a show on HGTV, quick!

6. "My comfy bed belongs on the carpet. With all my toys, of course."


Einstein the tiny pup likes to keep his creature comforts close.


7. "I'm moving this bed ... and everything else around it."


This bulldog will take everything with her, thank you very much.

8. "What do you mean, you don't want to step over me every time you enter the room?"


Piper is a literal doggy gate - and a cute one at that!


9. "This is NOT an Uber, Cat."


Pixel the French bulldog tries to move his bed to a cat-free zone.

10. "You don't want me in your bed? Watch me find a loophole."

(YouTube/Arliss the Pug)

Tonka doubles up on comfort and style by putting his bed on his humans' bed. And on his human.

(YouTube/Arliss the Pug)

11. "It's time for my bed's afternoon walk."

(YouTube/Shelby Demonbreun)

What, you take the dog for walks, don't you?

12. "I need a room with a view!"


Daisy likes a little fresh air with her nap time.