12 Truths All Dog Owners Have Come To Accept

1. You will never be judged for vegging out.

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2. There's usually a pretty good explanation for any missing items around the house.

(Reddit: chiablo)

3. If you say the word "outside," be prepared for the consequences.

(Reddit: PaperkutRob)

4. Waking up in the morning is not a solo activity.

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5. Toys are a point of pride.

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6. Working from home can be a bit distracting.

(Reddit: crownoforion)

7. New things are exciting and must always be tasted first!

(Reddit: j1002s)

8. Returning home from work is always cause for celebration.

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9. You have no reason to be bored ever again.

(Reddit: JamsAndJellies)

10. The instant you have food, you're the belle of the ball.

(Reddit: zachdaulton1)

11. The phrase "bath time" becomes ominous and scary.

(Reddit: MafHoney)

12. You're one of the luckiest folks around to have such a loyal pal.

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If you feel ready and able to provide a loving forever home to a dog, you can check out adoption options on the ASPCA's website.