12 Perfectly-Timed Animal Photos

1. If you stay perfectly still, perhaps no one will notice that you're sneaking food ... or playing a game of hide-and-go-eat.

(Reddit: Kittiesauras)

2. It takes special skill to carry a bubble around without popping it!

(Reddit: Neowillow)

3. Shadow Cat is the all-seeing hero this city needs.

(Reddit: SilentFly)

4. These cats may not know they're in love, but their tails do.

(Reddit: jesselikesfood)

5. The graceful Bird Dog prepares for liftoff.

(Reddit: catflushingthetoilet)

6. Hover Dog becomes impatient waiting for his pizza to arrive.

(Reddit: altbekkant)

7. Paul Scheer doesn't appreciate this cat's rumpus in his face.

(Reddit: aleagueofmyown)

8. The elusive fire-breathing golden retriever enjoys a backyard cookout.

(Reddit: Fknspooby)

9. All this dog wanted was to take a selfie, but her friends insisted on gossiping in the background.

(Reddit: anonuemus)

10. Unbeknownst to many, cats can be accomplished ballroom dancers.

(Reddit: Koric5733)

11. This pup decided she was done being a dog and would rather be a jaunty hat.

(Reddit: InfamousBonics)

12. Mr. Pug knew these tourists really wanted a picture with HIM, not silly old London.

(Reddit: ainaina)