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The Dark Side of Sleepy Kittens - Fellows

Never believe that sleepy angelic kitten yawn. It turns out that kittens have a dark secret: they're bed hogs. Yes, the kind that steals your covers and sprawls out over your bed. You'll wake up to find yourself confined to the last inch at the edge of the bed, with your kitten luxuriously lounging in the rest of the space. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Well, this is adorable. What's not to love?


Beware, dear readers, the bed hogging starts at an early age.


When they take over your bed, there's nothing you can do about it.


They'll go to great lengths to steal your bed.


They'll get their friends involved to ensure there's no room for you.


If it comes to it, they'll push each other around to get the best spot.


They'll even disguise themselves to claim that coveted bed position.


Make no effort to resist;you'll be defeated by sheer cuteness.


In fact, maybe you'd better just buy a new bed.


Don't take it too personally. They can't help being bed hogs.


You'd better watch your clothes, too. Kittens can turn anything into a bed.


For inexplicable reasons, we're forced to let them get away with it...


...oh, that's right. They are really, really cute.