12 GIFs Of Cats Who Are Eager To Share The Love

<p> <em>YouTube/supershiksa</em> </p>
<p> <em>YouTube/supershiksa</em> </p>

All you need is love. Want proof? Just look at these cats.

1. "Mama, have I told you I love you today?"

(YouTube/Helena van Nooten)

Mom Ellis looks like she'd like to say, "Yes, I love you too. Now please get off my face."

(YouTube/Helena van Nooten)

2. "Hey, wanna split this? Sharing is caring!"

(YouTube/Kelly Russell)

Peach the kitten enjoys an intimate dinner with her ferret friend, Samson.

3. "Wash my back next?"

(YouTube/Aaron Rift)

Casey doesn't mind helping his sister, Sassy, clean up her act.

4. "You look like you could use a neck rub."


Louie is happy to oblige his friend, Rosie.

5. "If I help you with the housework, it'll get done faster. That means more cuddle time!"


Toby wants his adoptive parents to have the clean home of their dreams. (And more time to pay attention to him.)

6. "I love treats, but I love you more."


Pancake loves his Dobie BFF, Sugar Tree, so much that he's willing to share food.

7. "Whatever is puzzling you, we can get through it together!"

(YouTube/Robert Majestic)

This kitten just wants to help his human sort out all those little bits and bobs.

8. "I just want to snuggle you and cuddle you. Cool?"


Bojangles the kitty can't help but cozy up to his lovable pal, Quinn.


9. "Let's wake up at the same time so we never have to be apart."

(YouTube/Snoring Dormouse)

You know what they say: Couples who yawn together stay together.

10. "But I sleep better when you're with me!"

(YouTube/Oskar & Klaus)

When you're as inseparable as Oskar and Klaus, a little thing like a bed meant for one kitty isn't gonna stop you.

11. "Cuddling with you is my national pastime."


Mango the kitten loves snuggling up to his fellow rescue, Milkshake.

12. "Shh, mama's here. Go back to sleep."


Mom love - possibly the most powerful love of all - conquers even the scariest nightmares.