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11 Ways Cats Are Making The Most Of Summer

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1. Putting in some world-class lounging hours.

(Reddit: babywitch)

2. Going on exciting and cosmopolitan train adventures!

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3. Taking trips! Or just sitting in a suitcase imagining they are taking a trip!

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4. Enjoying nature in all its glory (but what's with that pesky window getting in the way?)

(Reddit: Kanel0728)

5. Discovering their green thumb ... er, paw.

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6. Basking in that sweet summer breeze.

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7. Going swimming! Well, in the sink, anyway.


8. Soaking up some marvelous rays of sun.

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9. Nature hikes! Or, maybe just backyard hikes, to be on the safe side.

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10. Making sure the new lawn furniture is working properly (it's a tough job, but SOMEBODY'S gotta do it).


11. And, most importantly, enjoying the sun by snuggling with friends.

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