11 Sneaky Pets Who Are Outsmarting Humans

1. Fences are only a problem for dogs who lack creativity.(Giphy)

2. Sleight of hand? More like, slightly elementary. (Giphy)

3. Yeah, sure. Those cookies will remain totally untouched on the counter. (Giphy)

4. It's kind of cute that you thought the freezer was a safe place for anything. (Giphy)

5. Every dog knows that chairs are actually step-stools. (Giphy)

6. Nice try. You can't pull the wool over this cat's eyes. (Giphy)

7. Sometimes you have to improvise to sneak counter food. (Giphy)

8. A perfectly-timed chair push results in physical comedy AND free floor-food.


9. There's no such thing as "stuck" when you're a cat. (Giphy)

10. Dogs don't need opposable thumbs to get what they want. (Giphy)

11. Dogs and cats both know that a closed door is merely a suggestion.(Giphy)

Remember to always make sure not to leave dangerous items out, and monitor your mischievous pets so they don't get injured!

Want more pets outsmarting doors? Check out the video below:

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