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11 Pets Who Are Totally Gonna Exercise After Thanksgiving

1. "I'll fetch that frisbee eventually."

(Reddit: jonaskilljoy)

2. "I'm getting up soon, I swear."

(Reddit: Megan_Bee)

4. "You can come get your own darn mail."

(Reddit: this_time_i_mean_it)

5. "Seriously, this is just my method of meditation."

(Reddit: chitmunkey)

6. "I'm just taking a moment to reflect on all the food I had."

(Reddit: acorntoy)

7. "Im just gonna close my eyes for a second ..."

(Reddit: mustachemystery)

8. "A walk? Good one, that's totally hilarious."

(Reddit: bananapear)

9. "I'm just having an important conversation with this pillow, then I promise I'll catch that mouse."

(Reddit: chillintheattic)

10. "Well, SOMEBODY has to break this hammock in before it's too late."

(Reddit: aerotek5)

11. "Ugh, it's already noon ... I'll just chase that laser tomorrow."

(Reddit: DarkoDeath)