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11 Pets Who Are Acing Naptime

<p>Reddit: gastropoda</p>

1. If you love something, sleep on top of it!

(Reddit: cocoapuff7)

2. Here is a cat who needs your pillow more than you do.

(Reddit: mr_orpheus)

3. This wrinkly duo isn't above a little spooning action.

(Reddit: gastropoda)

4. "The Casual Drape" is a totally underrated nap technique.

(Reddit: ahmnasa)

5. Being clingy is absolutely acceptable when napping.

(Reddit: mkcronin)

6. Sometimes you fall asleep in the middle of contemplating your life.

(Reddit: Callofdutyfruity)

7. These nappers-in-training have definitely got their priorities in order.

(Reddit: kungfu_kickass)

8. The "Face-Plant" is a napping technique that is really only for professionals.

(Reddit: felibb)

9. Classic nap sandwich. Good work, team.

(Reddit: TWerol)

10. Napping is best when none of your body is exposed.

(Reddit: Nipe7)

11. The best napping technique of all: The "I'm-Stealing-Your-Bed-And-You-Can-Sleep-On-The-Floor" Nap.

(Reddit: Nofalo)

If you would like to adopt an adorable napper of your own, visit ASPCA!

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