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11 Pets Beating The Summer Heat


Summer certainly brings the heat, and these animals have figured out some pretty clever ways of keeping cool.
Keep up the ingenuity, guys!

1. "Not only is my chin nice 'n cool, I can also hear NPR perfectly."

Reddit: Buttercup_Barantheon

2. "This pile of ice is officially my new favorite thing. You may leave now, human."

Reddit: dragonworthy

3. "Air conditioning works best when you sit directly in front of it, duh!"

Reddit: dutchers

4. "Grimace all you want, human, but this public fountain just became a personal bathtub."

Reddit: rabexc

5. "This bit of shade is just my size!"

Reddit: babywitch

6. "This cool marble tile is literally making me melt with happiness."


7. "Wieners of a feather swim 'n sunbathe together!"

Reddit: TeganDanger

8. "Just a few more feet and I'll be in sailing paradise!"

Reddit: skiingnarwhal

9. "Oh, did YOU want some of this cold air? That's a shame..."

Reddit: blssthsnnr

10. "All I know is this giant box is for making things cool, and that is what I want to be right now."

Reddit: catniss_everpurr

11. "Boy, this really gives new meaning to the term 'dog bowl'!"

Reddit: Mommaween

*Editor's note: it's always important to make sure your pets aren't getting too overheated in this weather, and to follow proper safety. And, of course, don't actually set your hedgehog out to sea, because obviously.