11 Party Animals Who Stayed Up Too Late Last Night

1. "WHY are you TALKING so loud?"

(Reddit: Scarlett_fever)

2. "I never want to see balloons ever again. Get them away from me."

(Reddit: musicmuffin22)

3. "Where am I? What is this magnificent porcelain statue?"

(Reddit: flyingtrashman)

4. "I'm really into channeling my inner log this morning."

(Reddit: Excido88)

5. "Snuggling is the only way to make this morning more bearable."

(Reddit: snipercylinders)

6. "Don't you even THINK of coming in here without coffee."

(Reddit: EnDeRDarkDeath)

7. "I'm having my sacred morning alone time. Please leave."


8. "Puppy parties can get pretty wild, ya know."

(Reddit: Husky_in_TX)

9. "I'm gonna need some pancakes to get through this."

(Reddit: chitmunkey)

10. "I feel like I need to be unconscious for a few more hours ... "

(Reddit: Flying_Clutz)

11. "Sorry, boss, I don't think I'll be working very much today."

(Reddit: joecooool418)