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11 Exceptionally Squishy Paws

1. Who says your back paws can't be just as cute as your front paws?

(Reddit: irereddit)

2. These exasperated paws have just had it up to HERE.

(Reddit: ostrofci)

3. It is polite to tuck your paws away if you think they are too cute for the general public.

(Reddit: Cal2dinaL)

4. One sassy paw is all you really need to make a lasting impression on someone.

(Reddit: maddie3006)

5. Be proud of your dirty paws. Mud only accentuates squishability.

(Reddit: Tatertot5)

6. Just hold your paws up and surrender to the cuteness, already.

(Reddit: geeksdreamgirl)

7. Remember, petite feet are mighty in their own quiet way.

(Reddit: amanairon)

8. Paws can be difficult to navigate sometimes, but just trust your instincts and go with it.

(Reddit: hsch516)

9. Sticking your adorable, chubby paws in someone's face is the quickest way to end an argument.

(Reddit: yamazaki12)

10. There is no shame in being dainty with your spotless mitten-paws.

(Reddit: LA_Thundah)

11. Big paws + droopy begging face = much petting.

(Reddit: Nosivad)

If you want a pet with squishy paws all your own, and are ready for the responsibility, check out ASPCA or Petfinder!