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11 Cats Who'd Really Prefer Their Humans NOT Do Yoga Right Now

Yoga is an ancient discipline that helps transform the body and free the clouded mind of worries and stress -- offering instead a path to turn inwards, away from whatever outside distractions that might be vying for our attention.

So naturally, if you're a cat, yoga must be stopped.

Here are 11 kitties who, by not-so-subtle suggestion, and even outright aggression, have made it clear that they'd prefer their humans not do yoga right now.


1. Upward-Facing Tiger Lunge

2. Conquerer of Bowing Human Pose

3. Sprung Claw-Trap to Groin Maneuver

4. & 5. Furry Fury Routine (with partner)

6. Lady-Stairway to Downward-Cat Pose

7. Shameless Interrupting Selfie Position

8. Up-and-Over Bald Guy Back Climb

9. Shoulder-Face Petting Weave Maneuver

10. Petite Panther Pounce Position

11. Persistent Cat Mat-Stealing Pose