11 Cats Who Can't Deny Their Love For Dogs

1. Canines make the trustiest and most valiant steeds - and sometimes they let you tag along on adventures!

(Reddit: ninguneador)

2. You will find no better spooning partner than a puppy.

(Reddit: JeffHanson368)

3. No matter how stoic they are, dogs really do appreciate cat cuddles.


4. If you're taking a cat nap, nobody makes a better pillow than a dog.

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5. Sometimes dogs can even color-coordinate with your fur!

(Reddit: The_Environmentalist)

6. Dogs are almost always generous enough to share part of their bed with a little kitten.

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7. Occasionally dogs twist themselves into magical donuts, which are wonderful places to snuggle.

(Reddit: swedishfrog)

8. If you need a place to hide from your enemies, look no further than the ear of a canine.

(Reddit: -Damien-)

9. Dogs are patient enough to let you be in charge - no matter what your size.

(Reddit: Wiiansym)

10. Pups are perfect for showering with kitty-smooches.

(Instagram: officialliggy)

11. Most important of all, dogs are always there to nuzzle you and let you know that everything's okay.

(Instagram: winnieandsheri)

So to all you dogs out there, YES, cats DO secretly love you, but ... be cool about it, okay?