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10 Cats Who Are So Totally Over It

1. Protest company policies. Nap on the job.

(Reddit: joecooool418)

2. Posing is so 2013. Just say no.

(Reddit: vitracker)

3. You cannot have the remote back until the cat has watched his favorite programs.

(Reddit: flaspeed)

4. Cats are no longer abiding by the laws of physics. Get used to it.

(Reddit: redepe)

5. Talk to the rump, 'cause the face ain't gonna listen.

(Reddit: pngxp)

6. Don't even think about body-shaming this beautiful belly.

(Reddit: Down_to_Earth)

7. If you can't fall asleep while eating your meal, what is this country coming to??

(Reddit: mustachemystery)

8. Cat beds that are not free are abominations.

(Reddit: dzzh)

9. Speaking of beds, the dog can just find a new one.

(Reddit: TheXennon)

10. This cat has absolutely had it with misleading paintings - he only wore that hat ONE TIME.

(Reddit: beckydreistadt)