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10 Reasons Why Adopting A Rescue Dog Is Awesome

1. You will save a life. 2.7 million dogs are euthanized in shelters each year.

(Reddit: Skyote)
(Reddit: CzechThisOut)

4. When you rescue a canine, you'll never want for cuddles.

(Reddit: piratesgoyarr)

5. If you adopt a dog, you'll be giving him the gift of new adventures and exploration.

(Reddit: irr1449)

6. Your other animals might actually be grateful to have a new pal, as shelter dogs often get quite a bit of socialization before they're adopted.

(Reddit: chikachikabow)

7. Every dog has an amazing personality all his own.

(Reddit: corbantd)
(Reddit: rmkensington)

In Honor of ASPCA's Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, your rescue dog photos could be featured on The Dodo! Post your rescue pics to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ShelterDogsRock14.

One picture will be chosen for a grand prize - which includes a BarkBox gift card. For more details and to be eligible to win, enter here and tell ASPCA exactly why your shelter pup is awesome in your caption!

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