10 Of The Most Epic Puppy Stampedes

<p>Reddit: orangefever_</p>

1. These golden warriors will trudge through snow and sleet to smother you with cuddles.

(Reddit: DodgeballBoy)

2. These persistent bulldog babies know that Mom just needs a group hug.

(YouTube: Dreya)

3. Nice try, tiny human, but you cannot escape the ferocious cuteness!

(YouTube: FamilyFunPack)

4. Even the swiftest opponents are no match for this quartet of speeding cotton balls.

(YouTube: The Pet Collective)

5. This man willingly sacrifices himself to the snuggles.

(YouTube: anevares)

6. You are no match for the CORGI PILE!

(YouTube: learnmorebout)

7. This man can run, but he cannot hide from his tenacious chasers.

(YouTube: Mandachele)

8. These attentive fluffs are faster than the speed of light! Well, sort of.

(YouTube: Jim Chapman)

9. One human was just a sitting duck for this cuddlefest attack.

(YouTube: Adventures with GeoLeoGuy)

10. These swift corgis can strike cuteness into the hearts of many.

(YouTube: Anne Indergaard)

... Meanwhile, this little dachshund tries to show his puppy friends the art of stampeding, and ... they aren't so into it.

(YouTube: bluemoonwalkinghorse)