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10 Fuzzy Rabbits Who Nibble Food More Adorably Than You Do

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Rabbits are probably some of the cutest eaters in the animal kingdom. Though they are cute little nibblers, it is, of course, always important to make sure you know what bunnies can and cannot eat before giving your rabbit a snack!

As for these rabbits, they have adorable eating habits on lockdown:

1. All good bunnies know you need your leafy greens to grow big and strong.

(YouTube: Jared Edinburgh)



3. Snack time is more fun when you share with a pal.

(YouTube: AnimalVilla)

4. If you're given something pretty, like a flower, it's probably best to eat it.


5. Once you begin eating, concentration is very important.

(YouTube: Birdchick)

6. Raspberries give the most DIVINE lip color.


7. You can never neglect the importance of good table manners.

(YouTube: StylingMiss Bunny)

8. Sometimes nibbling is more fun when you're all cozy in a blanket.


9. Chomp on some clover for extra good luck.


10. Keep it classy - you can never go wrong with a classic carrot dinner.

(YouTube: Bunnsy Bunnsworth)