10 Cats & Dogs Who Are Winning At Hide-And-Seek

No need to be jealous about how masterfully these pets are hiding. They'll reveal themselves to you when they're ready.

1. Cat is pretty confident his owners still believe he is a notepad.

Reddit: estrojenn

2. Shower curtains will always aid you in your quest to disappear. More or less.

Reddit: titoveneno

3. "Don't mind me, I'm just a pair of socks!"

Reddit: jasperjonez

4. Snacks the Bulldog knows nobody can see her in her Stool of Solitude.

Reddit: ashleyandracchio

5. "Pay no attention to that dog behind the curtain!"

Reddit: MafHoney

6. The resemblance is uncanny.

Reddit: boom_erang

7. Houseplant foliage: the natural camouflage of pit bulls.

Reddit: tnuggetz

8. The vet has no idea where his next patient went...

Reddit: smokey_smokestack

9. Once again, the impenetrable walls of the shower curtain are put to good use.

Reddit: jargo1

10. When all else fails, go with your gut... literally.

Reddit: WhyPeepa