17 Pets Who Are Completely Convinced You Can't See Them Right Now

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1. "I'm positive they can't see me right now."


2. "They'll never take my ball if I hide in this shrubbery."


3. "Nothing out of the ordinary here."


4. "Definitely can't see me."


5. "I've found the perfect disguise."


6. "Picked a great spot."


7. "Nothing in this trash can but trash ... "


8. "I'm blending in perfectly."


9. "So incognito right now."


10. "I'm too good at hiding. These humans don't even stand a chance."


11. "I'm totally and completely hidden."


12. "No one will find me behind my curtain of invisibility."


13. "I'll never have to go to the vet again."


14. "Yup, I could hide here forever ... "


15. "I am a master of deception."


16. "Ahh yes, the art of drapery."


17. "Don't look at me!"