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This Might Be The Most Pet Friendly Office Ever

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Some workplaces have an office pet. This one has nine.

The Ferray Corporation, a Japanese internet solutions company, adopted nine rescue cats to live in their office. The company chronicles their antics on Twitter.


Having pets in the office makes a lot of sense in Tokyo, where tiny apartments and a high cost of living make owning a pet out of reach for many city-dwellers.

Not only does Ferray bring cats into the workplace, employees are incentivized to adopt their own animals, and are given time off for bereavement if a pet passes away.


Apparently having the cats around has created some minor annoyances, like chewed wires and unplugged electronics. But who could get angry at those adorable little faces?


If you thought having nine cats around wasn't enough, every day at the Ferray office is also "Bring Your Pet To Work Day."

It's not clear if Ferray's pro-animal policies are in place to benefit their human workers or their cats, but studies show that having pets in the office can reduce employee stress, boost productivity and make everyone happier.

With at least nine cats around at all time, Ferray might have the most relaxed employees in the world.

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