14 Stages Of Your Dog's Peanut Butter Addiction

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1. At first he won't know what hit him.


2. It will take her a second to figure out whether she likes it.


3. But then she'll realize that she does.


4. She really, really does.


5. Then, the licking starts.


6. So. Much. Licking.


7. The licking may never stop.


8. Soon you'll have a full-blown peanut butter addict on your hands.


9. You may have to start hiding the jar.


10. But he'll probably find it ...


11. And you're going to have a hard time getting it back.


12. And if you so much as take a step toward the kitchen, you're going to get this face.


13. But it's all worth it to see your pup this happy.


14. Just remember, everything in moderation.