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13-Year-Old Jumps Barricade Again To Protest SeaWorld SeaWorld made waves again on Thursday at the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The company's float was besieged by animal advocates protesting its captive orca whale program. As the float trundled down the streets of New York, bystanders from the animal welfare group PETA held up signs protesting the company. Four people, including 13-year-old Rose McCoy, even jumped the barricade. McCoy said to television journalist Jane Velez-Mitchel after the incident, "It's a shame that a great New York tradition such as the Macy's Parade which is supposed to be a family-friendly event has a business like SeaWorld in it that tears families apart, tears orca babies away from their mothers." ~ from @thedodo .com . You should check out the video on JaneInChained.com ! This is amazing, so much respect for these girls.