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I'm obsessed with #Kili ! @dswt "As you all surely know by now, there is no "typical" orphan at the #DSWT. However, #Kili, the #giraffe who came into our care this summer, is definitely pushing the height boundaries! This little (at heart, but increasingly big in stature!) guy adores his stable alongside the #elephant orphans at the DSWT. He's flourishing in our care and quickly outgrowing his quarters, which were designed for much shorter baby elephants! As Kili grows, it is imperative that we think creatively about providing him with the best care. The Nairobi Park lions are commonplace around the Nursery compound at night, so we want Kili to be inside where he can be fed and protected. We have settled on building him a new stable (which will look like a skyscraper alongside the other elephant stables!) to give him the home that he deserves. To make this happen, we really need your support. If you can, please donate towards the building costs and for Kili's future. Every cent counts – thank you! Visit here to contribute: →bit.ly/1DH61og←" via @PhotoRepost_app